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My reason for not liking Honoka actually has to do with how irresponsible she sounds, mainly for the 2nd season. Honoka was not cut out for the SC President title at all, I feel as if production just did that because “Hey, shes the main character basically”. I would agree with Umi on how her decision to become a school idol was irrational, I like Muse I really do, but the equality in their songs is unreal. I’m trying my best to tolerate Honoka, but it’s honestly really hard. Sorry to Honoka Fans

Here’s what I say to this, and it may just be me… but hear me out:

I liked and related to Honoka so much because of the simple fact that no, she’s not perfect. Hey - news flash though: None of the characters ARE.

Honoka is just constantly under scrutiny /because/ she is the center of the group. People are going to look at her more and in turn, be turned off by her flaws and reckless personality.

I’m never someone to bash someone else for their views on a character, but I wish all the Honoka haters would take a step back and really look at Honoka’s positive points. Her passion, drive, optimism, determination, and kind heart are the base of muse… and that’s why she’s their leader.

How close are you with someone before you give them your phone number?

I had this ask once before this week too. It really depends.
I’m more hesitant to give out my number to con folk because I don’t want it to get spread around to people being like “OMG I have dejavudea’s phone number!!!” (Like it’s a big deal or something, but you’d be surprised.)
I’d say if you have to ask on anon I’d likely not be comfortable giving you my phone number ^^;

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reblog for yuri like for yuri ignore for yuri

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Me derping at school.

I'm finally starting to piece things together from your last wcw and your latest vlog. I can't believe I didn't know all your best friends when I consider myself a dedicated bundle!

XD! <3 Analise is very quiet and tends to kind of hide under my rug like a kitten, so not as many people know her like they know Sophia, Veronica, and Carmen!

I saw earlier you said you weren't sure about having a Kigu party. If you don't, will there a way bundles can come meet you?

I submitted a panel so hopefully that gets accepted! Also I’ll tweet where I am and stufff c:

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What will your cosplays be for AnimeUSA?

I’m actually not sure yet! Nothing new though ;C

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Will ever consider cutting your hair? I personally wanna see you become Rapunzel XD

But then my hair wouldn’t glow when I sing ; A ;